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Portfolio Review and Management

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Intelligent investing is all about diversification and spreading your eggs across multiple baskets without spreading them too thin. Diversification helps in minimizing risk and maximizing rewards, which is why you need to hold a well-performing portfolio of investments across asset classes.

While there are several investment options out there in the market, you need to identify and stick to the right debt-equity mix to create long-term value. The equity portion helps in providing high returns and the debt portion in assuring returns with minimal risk. You can choose from a range of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. to create a personalized portfolio based on your income profile, risk appetite and financial goals.

Why you need periodic review and continuous management

Portfolio rebalancing is central to following a disciplined investment strategy. It means deciding on a debt to equity ratio for your portfolio that is in line with your long-term financial goals and sticking to that ratio. Over time, the market value of the assets in your portfolio can change. This can result in a disturbance in the original allocation of assets.

Thus, a periodic review of one's portfolio is necessary to maintain the pre-determined ratio by buying and selling units of debt or equity, as may be required.

How we can help

Every individual is unique and so are his or her investment needs. Investment planning must always be aligned with one's goals. Hence, our approach is to help you chalk out an investment strategy that is best fit for 'you'.

Our experienced professionals help you createa portfolio with the right debt-equity mixand periodically review it for effective re-allocation.By keeping the bigger picture in mind, we help you arrange your investments for achieving long-term financial goals. Our portfolio management and review services help you remain committed to your financial plans by re-allocating and balancing your portfolio from time to time, which eventually reduces your downside risk.

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